Leasam Product Range


Regulator Australia is the largest distributor of Leasam Controls products in Australia.

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PDF-icon-standard-50pxB512GZ-B512GE :: Commercial/Residential with 7 Day time-switch & setback

PDF-icon-standard-50pxBM2-24H-4Z :: Residential with 4 zones & dual wall pad control

PDF-icon-standard-50pxBM2-24H-GP :: Commercial/Residential with count down run timer

PDF-icon-standard-50pxBM2-7D-4Z :: Similar to BM2-24H-4Z with 7 day time-switch

PDF-icon-standard-50pxBM2-7D-GP :: Similar to BM2-24H-GP with 7 day time-switch

PDF-icon-standard-50pxBM2-24H-8Z :: Residential with 8 zones & dual wall pad control

PDF-icon-standard-50pxLE75/LE75V :: Residential with count down run timer

PDF-icon-standard-50pxLE75RT/LE75RTV :: Commercial control with concealed selectable run time

PDF-icon-standard-50pxLE75AV/AVA :: Residential/commercial for automatic temperature zone control

PDF-icon-standard-50pxD7CPU4 :: Condenser management control system

PDF-icon-standard-50pxD3CPU :: Defrost controller

PDF-icon-standard-50pxLE612 :: Residential/apartment control systems

PDF-icon-standard-50pxZonewise 4-8 :: Two to eight selectable zone control